Bryant S. Amastha

Bryant S. Amastha, has been a full-time, Real Estate Professional since 2014. For the past 8 years, Bryant has specialized in Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beaches, Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Monroe Counties.

His vast experience in Real Estate Business Management, Finance, Marketing, and Team Motivation gained through field work and on-going leadership roles have earned him many accolades in his career. His most recent in 2020, he was awarded the “Seven Star AWARD 2020” by Broker Agent Advisor.

Bryant has been a resident of South Florida for over 30 years now, and he is committed to the South Florida community. Bryant currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering and a Master’s degree in Entertainment Business and Sports Management from Full Sail University. Bryant has an acute awareness of the needs and wants of families and businesses in the area. He knows the schools, neighborhoods, trends, the services and benefits available and is a valuable information resource both for those new to the area, as well as for those who are simply changing neighborhoods.

In addition, his personal experience in international relocation helps him deal compassionately and in an experienced manner with those who are making their own moves around the world. With his global ties and outreach, he provides a valuable asset to our brokerage.

Bryant believes that one of the keys to success, both for himself and his team of Real Estate Professionals, is perseverance and persistence. Keeping a watchful eye on evolving trends and changes in Real Estate.